August 27 is our trials event for 2023

Tentative Schedule:

Signup starts at 8:00AM
Riders meeting will be at 10:00AM with the event to follow.
We will be having a stock bike class this year as well.


There's not too many trials riders out there, and when they come to our meet they're all friends. We zig-zag them up and down hills, through the creek, over boulders, and off cliffs. They keep their own score and if someone's bike breaks everyone helps to get it going again.

The way they score the Trials meets is that when you touch your foot to the ground you lose a point, so, the lower the points lost the better you do.

The AMA says:

Clean Section = 0 Points Lost
1 Dab = 1 Point Lost
2 Dabs = 2 Points Lost
3 or more Dabs = 3 Points Lost
Failure = 5 Points Lost
Section not Attempted = 10 Points Lost


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