Egg Hunts


What a great way to be competitive yet still be based around fun and a little luck! Basically an egg hunt is similar to a race, but at the end of each lap you stop and pick up a colored wooden peg (egg) and bing it to the scorers. You continue this until time expires. Then we randomly draw to assign a point value for each of the different colors, either one, two or three points. The person with the highest point total wins! We give out lots of awards to the kids and a generous amount for the adults, although it is mostly about fun and bragging rights!


See Schedule Page for Egg Hunt Dates


Gate Fees:

12 and Under - Free

13 and Over - $5


Entry Fees:

Members - $15 per class

Non-Member Adults - $20 for 1st class, $15 - 2nd & 3nd classes, 4+ classes $10 per class

Non-Member Youth - $15 per class

2024 Event Day Schedule (Tentative)

9 AM Riders Meeting

9:30 AM - Top Cousre: Pee Wee Bikes with Training Wheels / 

Pee Wee Bikes NO Training Wheels / ATV Jr.

9:30AM - Advanced 50

10 AM - Mini B

10:30 AM - Advanced ATC

11 AM - Pit Bike

11:30 AM - Full Course Parade Lap

12 PM - Open / Intermediate / 50+ / 60+

1 PM - 85cc / Thumper

2PM - Youth Trophies

2:15 - 14-29 / 30+ / 40+

***Subject to Change at Chairmans Discretion**

Signup 7:00-11:00am - Riders Meeting 9AM - Racing 9:30am Sharp!


Top Course - Rookie

2x 15 Minute Heats

Bottom Hill Course

2x 20 Minute Heats

Full Course (Bikes)

1 Mile+

1x 40 Minute Heat

PeeWee w/ Training


Up to 9 years old 0-51cc

Mini B

60-105cc (2T) or

60-150cc (4T)


12+ years old

106-200cc (2T) or

101-250cc (4T)

PeeWee NO Training


Up to 9 years old 0-51cc

Advanced 50


14-29 Year Old

106cc+ (2T) or 

101cc+ (4T)


Up to 10 years old 0-125cc

Advanced ATV

Up to 14 years old



9+ years old

66-105cc (2T) or

80-150cc (4T)




14+ years old

201cc+ (2T)

251cc+ (4T)




30+ years old

No Restrictions




40+ years old

No Restrictions



50+ years old

No Restrictions


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